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There are several ways to pay – read about them here.

Automatic payment via the vehicle’s registration number


You can sign up for the Fjord Link Frederikssund’s automatic payment scheme. There is no charge for the agreement, and you only pay for the number of times you cross.

Once you have been registered, your number plate is read each time you cross Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge, and the payment is automatically deducted under your agreement.

Agreement without expiry date
One type of agreement does not have an expiry date. You just have to remember to update your payment card when it is renewed.

Create an agreement

If at one stage you wish to cancel the agreement you can do it on My account og write to our Customer Service. There are no binding on the agreement.

Limited period
The other type of agreement is valid for a limited period – up to 20 days. This can be an advantage if you are a tourist or you want to register a car you have rented or borrowed. Once the period expires, the agreement is automatically cancelled.

Register an agreement for a limited period

Both agreements are only valid for the Fjord Link Frederikssund.

A single crossing

If you are only crossing the bridge once, you can simply just pass the bridge. There are no entry or exit barriers, and your trip is registered automatically. 

However, you still have to pay here on the website. 

The owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice by post 10-15 days after the passage. When the invoice is received, it will be possible to pay via the link below.

Pay for received invoice


If you have a bizz, you simply place it on the inside of your windscreen. Then you pay automatically. You can use the following types:

icon car

Vehicles up to 3,500 kg

Bizz from Brobizz A/S

AutoBizz® from ForSea

ØresundBizz® from Øresundsbron

AutoPASS from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen)

icon-lorryVehicles over 3,500 kg

Bizz from Brobizz A/S

AutoBizz® from ForSea

ØresundBizz® from Øresundsbron

AutoPASS from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen)

Bizz for Europe from Brobizz A/S

TelePass SAT (Skandinavian Toll must be activated)


Of course, if the vehicle is registered for the Fjord Link Frederikssund’s automatic payment scheme, and you place a bizz in the windscreen, you still only pay once for the crossing. In that case the payment will be charged to your bizz, not the  agreement with the Fjord Link Frederikssund.


Are you registered under more than one scheme?

Of course, even if you are registered for several of the mentioned solutions, you still only pay once for each crossing. We have made sure of that!

If, for example, you have placed a bizz on the front windscreen and are also registered for an agreement with Fjord Link Frederikssund, we will deduct the payment from your bizz. Bizz will always be given priority over the agreement with Fjord Link Frederikssund.

Having the car covered by an agreement without fixed expiry doesn’t prevent you from also registering it under a fixed-term agreement. The fixed-term agreement takes precedence while in force.

When it expires, the agreement without an expiry date will automatically take over, and you don't need to do anything. This means that you don't have to register the vehicle again.