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General Terms for using Crown Princess Mary's Bridge.

Find the general Terms for using Crown Princess Mary's Bridge here.

Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge is a part of the new road connection, which links Tørslev Hage with Frederikssund. For use of the bridge, the following Terms and Conditions apply:

  • Common traffic rules apply on the bridge
  • Signage, barriers and reduced speed regulation must be respected at all times
  • The license plate on the vehicle passing the bridge is photographed when passing the payment portals. The driver and passengers are not visible in the picture
  • It is forbidden to stop on the bridge and at the payment portals
  • When crossing the bridge, the owner or registered user of the vehicle are obligated to pay for the passage
  • Following Prices and Fees apply for using the bridge
  • If you own a Bizz from one of the providers mentioned at, it can be used to pay for the passage.
  • Any complaints and objections regarding the passage on the bridge and the associated collection must be made by contacting Customer Service.

Enjoy your trip cross the bridge.