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Tourist or on a brief visit?

Register for automatic payment for a limited period.

If you are visiting the area around Crown Princess Mary's Bridge for a limited period of time and would like to use the bridge, it would be a good idea to register for an agreement that expires automatically when your stay is over. There are several ways of paying.

Register for a time limited agreement

As soon as you have registered for a time limited agreement, you no longer need to worry about paying for crossing Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge. The payment is automatically charged to the payment card associated with your agreement. When the period expires, your agreement is automatically cancelled. Registering is free – you only pay for the number of times you cross.

Bizz in a rented vehicle

If you have a bizz, it's quite simple. Place your bizz on the front windscreen to pay automatically. All you need to do is to make sure that your bizz is one of the types that can be used on Crown Princess Mary's Bridge.

Have you crossed the bridge without having an agreement?

The owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice by post 10-15 days after the passage. When the invoice is received, it will be possible to pay via the link below.



Vehicles max. 3,500 kg

a trip

Vehicles above 3,500 kg

a trip